Minimo Responsive Blogger Template Installation Documentation,

Blogger Template Installation Steps:-

1. Backup & Uploading

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. On Blogger Dashboard Click Template.
  3. Click on Download Full Template to keep your old template.
  4. Click Browse… button. Find where the “Sora-minimo-version.xml” file location.
  5. Then Click Upload.
  6. Edit mobile Preview. (follow images)

2. Blog Setting

After installing the theme, there are minimum settings to make all widgets work fine in this template.

  1. On Blogger Dashboard Click Settings.
  2. Click Other.
  3. In Site Feed > Allow Blog Feed Choose Full.
  4. Then Click Save settings.

3. Logo Setup

1. In your dashboard Select "Layout". 2. Upload Your Logo Header : In You Blog (Header), Click on "Edit" and applicate all settings below :


4. Navigation Menu

  4.1 Top Menu Setup


  • On Blogger Dashboard Click Layout.
  • Click Edit on Top Navigation Widget.
  • Change it according to your needs. Add code in the widget
  • Click Save.
  • Change the location of menu item using arrow down and arrow up Icon
  • For More Information- Watch Video Below

Code  :-

<li><a href='/'>Home</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Travel</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>FEATURES</a>
<ul class='sub-menu'>
<li><a href=''>Error Page</a></li>
<li><a href=''>Short Codes</a></li> </ul>
<li><a href='#'>About</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Contact</a></li>
<li><a href='#'>Download</a></li>

5. Social Top / Social Footer

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Social Top Follow Us (Sidebar)Social Footer widget.

Social Names:   facebook, twitter, gplus, bloglovin, rss, youtube, skype, stumbleupon, tumblr, vine, stack-overflow, linkedin, dribbble, soundcloud, behance, digg, instagram, pinterest, delicious, codepen 


 Example:  For Example if you have to add “facebook” icon then just add facebook in name of New site name section and below add url of that particular site.


6. Main Slider

To start the slider 

1.You have put at least one label in each published posts.
2.Put your as public.
3.Put blog feed to be set as full.




Go to layout click edit html in Featured posts 

Now put your label in the widget which you want to display.

Now save it.


8. Widgets

Access your blog Layout > click Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript on Sidebar or Footer section, you must place the following names highlighted in blue below.
Random Posts: randomposts
After add, click save.

9. Theme Customization

Access your blog Template > click Customize.Here you can change the background, and apply pre-defined colors
Clicking Advanced You will see the official option to change the Main Color


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